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We are culinary professionals who have spent our adult lives cooking, serving and studying food and nutrition. We strongly believe in feeding ourselves, our friends and our family the freshest, most nutritionally complete food available. We view food not only as sustenance but also as a way to bring friends and family together, including our pets. A year ago, our lives were forever altered by the addition of a scrappy terrier mix puppy. As a puppy, our dog had several bouts of intestinal upset that led to finicky eating and loss of appetite. We sought answers in the kitchen, using our culinary knowledge to produce food that was palatable, nutritionally complete and easily digested. Our experience led us to more in depth research into pet nutrition and our realization that the best, most complete way to meet our dietary goals for our growing pup is with raw food. During a conversation with our longtime friends and culinary colleagues at Pete’s Paleo, we discovered a similar commitment to feeding our pets as we would any member of our family thus launching the idea of creating our own raw pet food brand.

The Omnivore’s Pet

How you feed yourself is how you move, how you feel and how you live. The same holds true for your pet. The Omnivore’s Pet is a balanced, whole raw food. It is the least processed, most biologically appropriate way to feed your dog his or her complete nutritional needs. We use local, single source, grass-fed and pasture raised meats and locally farmed, organic fruits and vegetables. Our food is produced by hand in a professional commercial kitchen which is licensed for human food production. It is then vacuum-sealed and frozen in single serving portions to further ensure both freshness and safety.

Why The Omnivore’s Pet Raw?

What you feed your dog is an intensely personal choice. There are equal numbers of proponents and opponents for every dietary approach to pet nutrition. The quantity of information can be overwhelming. We believe in feeding our beloved pets as nature intended, a diet that most closely resembles their ancestral diet. By nature, your dog is a carnivore, a predator. However, through millennia of co-evolution with omnivorous humans, dogs have adapted to digest some plant based foods from our tables. Our ideal canine diet is based primarily on raw meat, organs and bone with the added benefits of vitamins, minerals and fiber found in fruits and vegetables. Raw food provides the most easily digested and bio-available nutrients to keep our pets healthy and active. Other advantages of raw food include: improved coat and skin health, improved dental health, better breath and odor, faster healing, and increased energy. We like to use the term “paying it forward”. By improving our pet’s overall long term health with a raw diet, our goal is to decrease our vet bills and dependence on medication and supplements for chronic ailments and allergies.

Why Grass Fed/Pasture Raised Meat?

For some, meat is meat. It comes neatly packaged or in processed forms unrecognizable from what it started out as. Most of that meat comes from factory farms, or CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operation, eesh). There are many unthinkable things that happen on CAFOs, but we won’t go into detail here. There are however, a few factors we find most worrisome. The animals are fed corn and soy, which they can’t properly digest, so they get sick, which means they’re given antibiotics in large doses. They are confined in high density pens, so sickness is easily spread amongst them, so more antibiotics. They get good and fat, but their meat is devoid of the nutrients it would contain if they were allowed to eat their natural diet, good old grass. There are a small but growing number of family farms and ranchers that are resisting the corporate factory farm culture. They allow their animals to graze in pastures, eating delicious, nutrient rich grasses from birth until they reach maturity. They keep sustainably sized herds, with fewer animals per acre, keeping their waste manageable and minimizing their impact on the land. Most importantly though, the meat from these animals is higher in essential fatty acids, minerals and nutrients since they’re allowed eat properly and use their muscles to move freely.

Why Organic?

Much like the CAFOs, there are huge factory farms that produce the bulk of the fruits and vegetables people eat. Most of these practice a high density, single crop type of farming called monoculture. They are highly dependent on chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Again, there are many unthinkable aspects of this kind of farming, but we’ll spare you the nightmares. We’ll keep it positive and talk about the small, local family farms we do business with. Many of them are certified organic, some use natural farming methods without the organic certification. What’s important is that they grow a diverse number of crops, use little or no chemicals and minimize the impact of their farming on the land. They are close to us, so we get our produce within a day or so of when it’s harvested. We know most of them by name and many of them are actually nice people!

By improving our pet’s overall long term health with a raw diet, our goal is to decrease our vet bills and dependence on medication and supplements for chronic ailments and allergies.  And most importantly, give our best friend’s a happy and healthy life!

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